CESNET CA4 personal certificate

New user - first certificate

Create a user record

Before issuing the first certificate, it is necessary to create a personal record in the database of applicants. Use the LAI WWW application to create the record. Fill in the required information (name and surname without diacritics, contact email address and all email addresses that you want to include in the certificate). Next, select your home institution from the list and select the available registration authority (the location where your identity will be verified).

The application will give you a randomly generated access code. Write it down and keep it well. It will allow you to make any changes to your listing and show it to the registration authority staff.

After you create your record, the application will check the email addresses you enter - each of them will send a test message to which you must reply. After you have verified your email addresses, you will receive a message from the application with instructions on how to proceed.

Initial registration - identity verification

It is always necessary to arrange a visit to the RA officer at ra@cesnet.cz. The RA officer will also tell you what documents and documents you need to bring with you for registration. Mostly you will need

  • access code issued by LAI registration WWW application
  • proof of identity
  • proof of affiliation with your home institution (unless otherwise specified by your registration authority)

After registration, the registration authority will issue the activation data for the certificate issue. These are used when generating a certificate on the Web Certificate Generator.

Example of the organization's affiliation document (confirmed by HR - signature of responsible person + stamp)

We confirm that Mr. X. Y., born 1.9.1919 in Libeň, permanently resident in Libeňský most 1, 180 00 Libeň, is an employee of the First University of Libeň as of 15.8.2001.

In Prague you can find us at the CESNET association.

In Brno, the registration point is located at the MetaCentrum headquarters at: CERIT-SC MU Centre
Šumavská 416/15 - areal CENTRUM ŠUMAVSKÁ
Building B, 3rd floor - entrance from the park on Chaloupecký Square

The main entrance from Chalupecke Square, on the left side of the stairs up half floor to the ground floor, passage to the left between DINING ROOM and coffee machine to the elevator in the left wing. Lift to the 3rd floor. From the elevator on the left to the end of the corridor - door no. 4.128 (Centrum CERIT-SC MU and CESNET, z. S. P. O.). Contact you from the appropriate registration officer.

Externí odkaz

In Pilsen there is a registration point on the campus of the University of West Bohemia in Bory, in the building of the Center of Computerization and Computer Science, room UI401.

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