The CESNET PKI provides PKI services for the Czech academic community. The certificates are issued to employees and students of Czech universities, Czech Academy of Sciences, and any organizations cooperating with these entities in the practice of research, educational and administrative functions as well as computers and application services operated by these organizations.

The CESNET PKI is operated by CESNET, a. l. e.


CESNET, a. l. e.
Generála Píky 430/26
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic

Email: <ca@cesnet.cz>

Use the email above for inquiries and fault reports.

International Cooperation

The CESNET CA, one of the CAs operated by the CESNET PKI, is accredited by EuGridPMA, a member of IGTF.

Root certificates of the CESNET PKI are published in the European Academic CAs repository TACAR.

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