Personal certificate CESNET CA4

Renew the certificate after the private key is lost or the original certificate expires

  • obtain a new proof of affiliation (unless the original is less than 3 months old)
  • arrange a new personal registration with your registration authority (if you do not know where to contact, write to ra@cesnet.cz)

To visit the selected registration authority you will definitely need it also

  • proof of identity

After registration, the registration authority will issue the activation data for the certificate issue. These are used when generating a certificate on the Web Certificate Generator.

Example of organization membership document text

We confirm that Mr. X. Y., born 1.9.1919 in Libeň, permanently resident in Libeňský most 1, 180 00 Libeň, is an employee of the First University of Libeň as of 15.8.2001.

The selected registration authority may require other data or other documents. Always inquire directly with her.

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