Personal TCS certificates

Personal TCS certificates are used for email encryption and net service authentication. CESNET provides these certificates as part of Trusted Certificate Service project. Presently, the issuer of these certificates is DigiCert. Their root certificates are trusted by majority of email clients by default.

Common personal certificates cannot be issued due to major problem in CPS. Please, kindly use personal eScience (grid enabled) certificates.

Personal eScience TCS certificates

are personal certificates used for authentication in grid infrastructures and encryption of electronic mail. Certificates include owner's name without accents, his organization's name in English, unique identifier assigned to the owner by his organization, and up to ten email addresses verified by his organization.

The certificates are valid for 395 days (approx. 13 months).

Certificates are issued by TERENA eScience Personal CA 3, Certification Authority accredited by EUGridPMA.

Personal TCS certificates are available for users from organizations included in Czech Academic Identity Federation eduID.cz via federated web portal.

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