oid: (LoA Attribute)

OID LoA Attribute

Attribute expressing Level of Assurance

Syntax: Number

Recognized values:

  • 1 - Low Assurance
  • 2 - Basic Assurance
Low Assurance

The user has been identified using only an on-line method (typically ansome kind of email challenge-response). The IdP has checked only the user's on-line identity (typically his/her email address). All other user data are self-claimed.

Basic Assurance

The user has been identified during a face-to-face meeting with a representative of the IdP. The IdP representative has checked the user's identity using his/her state-issued photo identity document containg user's photograph. The name of the user in the IdP data store is copied from the presented document.

The IdP has verified the affiliation oth user with a specific organization using either an official user registry of the organization or an official document issued by the organization.

LDAP definition
attributetype (
  NAME 'eduIDczLoA'
  DESC 'Level of Assurance'
  EQUALITY numericStringMatch
  ORDERING numericStringOrderingMatch
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