This chapter describes obligations for relevant parties and makes statements on liability and financial/economical issues. Moreover there is a section about confidentiality that classifies information into confidential information and publicly available and distributable information. Auditing statements are also located here.

2.1. Obligations

2.1.1. CA obligations

A conforming CA SHALL operate a certificate authority service. The conforming CA is responsible for all aspects of the issuance and management of a certificate referencing this policy, including:

By issuing a certificate that references this policy, the CA certifies to the subscriber, and to all relying parties who reasonably and in good faith rely on the information contained in the certificate during its operational period, that:

  • The CA has issued, and will manage, the certificate in accordance with this policy.

  • There are no misrepresentations of fact in the certificate known to the CA, and the CA has taken reasonable steps to verify additional information in the certificate unless otherwise noted in its CPS.

  • The certificate meets all material requirements of this policy and the CA's CPS.

2.2. Liability

2.3. Financial responsibility

No financial responsibility is accepted for certificates issued under this CP.

2.4. Interpretation and Enforcement

2.5. Fees

2.6. Publication and Repository

2.7. Compliance audit

2.8. Confidentiality

2.9. Intellectual Property Rights

A conforming CA MUST NOT claim any intellectual property rights on issued certificates.