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-====== TCS Server ​certificates ​======+====== TCS Server ​Certificates ​======
-You can get your server certificate on [[https://​tcs.cesnet.cz/​|https://​tcs.cesnet.cz/​]].+\\
-===== New CA Root - DigiCert ​=====+===== CAs and CRLs of current server certificates ​=====
-On July 1<​sup>​st</​sup>​ 2015 there will be a new supplier ​of TCS certificates - DigiCert company. After this date, the certificates will be issued under this root only.+Certification Authorities and Revocation Lists of Server Certificates Issued by Sectigo:
-    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ssl-ca-3-crt-crl.html|New server certificates - chain a CRL]] +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ssl-ca-4-crt-crl.html | Common ​server certificates]] 
-    * [[en:​ch-tcs-esci-ssl-ca-3-crt-crl.html|New grid server certificates ​- chain a CRL]]+    * [[en:ch-tcs-ev-ssl-ca-4-crt-crl.html | Server Certificates with Extended Validation (EV)]] 
 +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-esci-ssl-ca-4-crt-crl.html | eScience (gridserver certificates]]
-===== Comodo =====+\\
-From the reasons specified above, it will be no longer possible to issue new TCS certificates ​under the old Comodo root after 2015-07-01. Existing certificates remain valid (until the expiration or revocation).+===== CAs and CRLs of previous service (for certificates ​issued from 1 July 2015 to 30 April 2020=====
-    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ssl-ca-2-crt-crl.html|Normal server certificates - chain and CRL]] +Certification Authorities ​and Revocation Lists of Server Certificates Issued by Digicert:
-    * [[en:ch-tcs-esci-ssl-ca-2-crt-crl.html|Grid server certificates - chain and CRL]]+
-==== Certificates with SHA1 ====+    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ssl-ca-3-crt-crl.html | Common server certificates]] 
 +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ev-ssl-ca-3-crt-crl.html | Server ​Certificates with Extended Validation (EV)]] 
 +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-esci-ssl-ca-3-crt-crl.html | eScience (grid) server certificates]]
-TCS certificate portal can't issue the SHA1 certificates nowadays. If you are sure you want a SHA1 certificate,​ please contact us at <​tcs-ra@cesnet.cz>​. Certification chains for SHA1 certificates remained the same. Certification chains and CRLs are below.+\\
-    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ssl-ca-crt-crl.html|Normal server ​certificates ​with SHA1 - chain and CRL]] +===== CAs and CRLs of previous service (for certificates ​issued before 30.6.2015) =====
-    * [[en:​ch-tcs-esci-ssl-ca-crt-crl.html|Grid server certificates with SHA1 - chain and CRL]]+
 +Certification Authorities and Revocation Lists of Server Certificates Issued by Comodo:
 +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ssl-ca-2-crt-crl.html | Common Server Certificates,​ SHA-256]]
 +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-esci-ssl-ca-2-crt-crl.html | Grid Server Certificates,​ SHA-256]]
 +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-ssl-ca-crt-crl.html | Common server certificates,​ SHA-1]]
 +    * [[en:​ch-tcs-esci-ssl-ca-crt-crl.html | Grid Server Certificates,​ SHA-1]]
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